Rideshare Hub Dallas

Hi there and welcome to uberhubdallas.com. Now, if you have any questions that you want to discuss with a live person, I truly suggest you get in a car; you drive down to the hub. The link is beneath this video. It will take you to the website that has the address of the hub as well as the opening times. If you have any general questions, please feel free to email or text me. I freely give you my information underneath this video. I’m available 365. 99% of the time I can help you with the general basic questions but the important issues, let’s say for some reason you got deactivated, those are the type of things you want to discuss with a real person. Why were you deactivated, how can you get back into the game, you know. Then make sure you drop write down the time, the date, the person you spoke to at that hub and you really want that one-on-one personal contact. Now you can go through the phone line, the 24/7 phone line or try and text the support line through the app but that becomes a very, very frustrating process. The two main reasons why people go down there are to sort out, you know, issues, whether it’s an accident, somebody threw up in your car or you want to activate your account, if you want to update your account with documentation. Usually they always want to see your driver’s license, your insurance documents, your registration documents of your car and your banking details. However if you want to set up an account it’s much easier just to create an account, follow a driver referral link, like mine and you get your guarantee or your bonus on top of it. You will not get that if you go and activate it directly at a hub, right. So just know that and you can upload those four documents if you create an account underneath my link and save yourself one hour there, one hour back, right. It’s a two hour process, always guaranteed. It will take two hours if you go into a hub; I’m available 365 days a year, again my email and my information are underneath the video. If you have questions about Dallas, if you are facing any hurdles obstacles in the city and you may want to get some extra input from a veteran driver, you’re more than welcome to reach out to me .I’ll gladly, glady to help you. I love doing that, okay. So again Torsten is the name. I’m also known as the Rideshare Professor online. All my details are underneath this video. Drive safe in Dallas Texas my friends.

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